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featured artists - painting, sculpture      
adam balogh
his world and his soul
sieglinde battley
our best storyteller
rosario d'espinay
looking inside
astrid fitzgerald
harmony in discord
kiki fleming
emotive expressions
ernie gerzabek
technicolor landscape
inta goddard
abstract paint, sculpture
nadiya jinnah
colorful lifescapes
david kastner
multimedia artist
ton lindhout
painting the hidden landscape
rosa mascarell
inspired by the arabic artistic culture of spain
keith morant
journey into the essence of being
david novak
marriage between minimalism and abex
marieta reijerkerk
"smooth roughness"
doug ross
mythological iconography
marc salz
subversion of modernity
karin u soika
sophisticated seescapes
suus suiker
magical realism
photography     architecture, landart kenya nature links switzerland  
steve mcvurry
james nachtwey
william ferrero
maya lin
s. v.d. merwe
lewa downs, kenya
binn - alpsaga, ch
binn valley, ch